Christmas 2018 in Tzu Kingdom

Following on from Santa Bailey and Santa Paws' Invitation, please join us for this year's festive adventure.

King Bailey and Queen Coffee welcome you to Christmas Eve Eve. Santa Paws is due to visit to collect this year's donated gifts for the dogs of the world -  a tradition that Stanley and Maisie started back in 2016 when SP dropped in, rather unexpectedly.

But something goes terribly wrong and a distraught tzu wishes he had never discovered Tzu Kingdom. After all, it wouldn't make much difference...would it? 

We're about to find out...

Join some of your favourite characters including Stanley, Paddy, Maisie, Beth, Phoebe, Coffee and Bailey in another Tzu Kingdom adventure!

Rollercoaster Christmases to enjoy!

In 2016, Santa Paws crashlanded in Tzu Kingdom on Christmas Eve and was forbidden to fly by Queen Coffee. Luckily, for all the dogs of the world, King Bailey took up the reigns with a team of shih tzus and they saved Christmas, stopping in at the world's best dog hotel on the way to visit an old friend.

Last year, Santa Paws' invited the team to enjoy his festive hospitality at Santa Paws Land where they met a host of characters and all sorts of dog breeds preparing for Christmas Eve for all known dogs. 

But they never expected to finish up staging a rescue and riding home on a baby elephant!

We hope you enjoy this year's story too...


For all our friends across the globe 

Wishing you a Furry Christmas & Happy Tzu Year 

We couldn’t do this without you 

Karen & Gill



In the library you will find our short stories and chapters from Book One, Book Two and Santa Bailey.