Join Stanley as he discovers a magical kingdom of dogs...

Stanley shih tzu is a happy dog, living in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle with his Mama but, one day, his life changes when he meets Queen Coffee of Tzu Kingdom and, a few days later, jumps through the fairy doors with a burp holding the paw of Paddy, destined to be his best friend forever.

Stanley is soon enjoying parties and dancing with hundreds of new friends but there's a serious side to the world King Bailey and Queen Coffee preside over and, before long, he's on a rescue mission to save a tzu-less-fortunate and prove that he's brave as as a lion.


Book One takes us to a happy world where shih tzu dogs enjoy friendship, fun, parties and daredevil missions.....

Revised and updated version (2019) now available in paperback and e-book.

Take a leap into the unknown as the secrets of Tzu Kingdom bubble to the surface...

No one ever knew what happened to King Wolfgang back in 1948 - he disappeared on a sea rescue never to be seen again. But in 2016, when a rescue team set out on a sea rescue where he was lost, the mystery begins to reveal itself, clinging on to Mac's back paw

Stanley, Paddy and Maisie return along with King Bailey and Queen Coffee and a wealth of characters, old and new as more parties are enjoyed and daring rescues are undertaken as well as the auditions for a new singer for the kingdom band Tzu Aroo.

Book Two takes us deeper in to Tzu Kingdom and delves in to the history books as the Tzu King Mystery is revealed. Book Two also contains "Santa Bailey", the 2016 Christmas Story.

Available to buy on Amazon worldwide in paperback and e-book.

Jump back in time and find out how Bailey & Coffee met and came to the throne...

Long before they were King and Queen, what were Bailey and Coffee like as younger tzus? What brought them to the throne? Were they always destined to be together? Were they as brave as lions? What made them who they are today?

In Paw in Paw we go back a few years, to a different Tzu Kingdom in the time of King Pierre when Miss Coffee was a trusted scout, the protege of Nancy. A time before Stanley and Paddy where we will meet some treasured characters and then return to today, where a big event is planned.

Book Three travels back and forth in time, where we see a different world and know that it is as it is, as it was and as it always will be.

Available now on Amazon in paperback and e-book.

Book Four "The Jewel Eye Crown" the final book in the Tzu Kingdom Series.

Massive change is looming in Tzu Kingdom. In the shadow of retirement, it is time for the Shih Tzus to elect a new leader. Will the new King or Queen continue the familiar ethos of the chosen ones or will they vote for a different and unrecognisable future? 

All this unfolds whilst a major pan-breed rescue is in its final planning stage, ready to test the new ruler in their first few days of their reign - a mission that threatens the kingdom itself. 

Book Four - with fun, adventure and suspense, join us to discover the future of Tzu Kingdom. 

Available to buy on Amazon worldwide in paperback and e-book.

The Santa Paws Trilogy

All three inter-connected Christmas stories are now available in this special edition, released for Christmas 2019 with extra short stories and information from the authors.

You can buy it here on Amazon in paperback and audio.

Santa Bailey (Christmas 2016)

The first Tzu Kingdom Christmas story is available within Book Two and sees Bailey taking to the skies when Santa Paws crash lands in Tzu Kingdom on Christmas Eve.

Santa Paws' Invitation (Christmas 2017)

Santa Paws Shay invites his friends to join him at Santa Paws land to thank them for their help the previous year. A very surprising rescue takes place too!

It's A Wonderful Kingdom (Christmas 2018)

What if Stanley had never discovered Tzu Kingdom? Would it be much different?

In a tribute to "It's A Wonderful Life", the film from which the real Bailey gets his name, we're about to find out.