Paddy shows you how to find fairy doors

As a senior Tzu Kingdom Scout I need to know all the secrets of the fairy doors, such as how we were granted access through them, but you will have to read the book to find that out!!

But, I can share some pointers on how to look for fairy doors as you go about your business...

CAUTION: Only read on if you believe in fairies...

Fairy doors are most commonly found in trees.  Look for older trees with large trunks.  Fairies have used doors just like this for thousands of years but about six hundred dog years ago, as a thank you for something King Leo, our first King, and our forefurs did, they let the shih tzus use will find out more about this in the books.

Fairy doors can also be found in main interchanges such as train stations, sea ports and air ports.  In this photograph of York station, England, look carefully and you will see one of the first fairy doors ever photographed and it's still in use today.

Look out for fairy doors wherever you may be, they are all over the world and it seems that, mostly, they can only be seen by children and animals.  Adults can sometimes see them, but they just pass them off as pretty garden ornaments with no idea of their magical properties!

Beautiful Queen Coffee has, as you would expect, a very well presented fairy door.  There's even a little spy hole in the top.  Her Momma thinks it's a decoration in their Ontario garden, but, well, we know different!

Taken from this angle, the camera has just caught the Oval Office Fairy Door in the White House.  This high security fairy door has a bark sequence that is handed down from ruler to ruler so only King Bailey and Queen Coffee, and our former Kings and Queens, have used this one.  

Look at the humans in their meeting, oblivious to the world of enchantment that lurks behind the Christmas've got to feel sorry for them!

Many tzus, like Coffee, have their own fairy door but if you live in an apartment block, for instance, you can make use of a communal fairy door in a local park or woodland.  

This fairy door is at a secret location and where my bestie Stan made his video to tell you about the Tzu Kingdom book...

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my little tutorial about fairy doors.

To find out more please buy a book today!

Bark later pals!

Paddy Boo the Shih Tzu x