Maisie's Pamper Tips

Running with kisses.....MAISIE HERE!

Yes, I know we shih tzus are so pretty but this does not happen without work!

Shih Tzu parents must appreciate that we are high maintenance dogs and need lots of looking after.

Let me guide you through with a few of my own tips along the way...

Shopping List

So, we need the following for our basic comfort and happiness:

  • Best doggy food you can afford
  • Loads of treats as many as you can carry and the ingredients for Queen Coffee biscuits
  • Serving dishes for our food and water
  • A selection of brushes and combs specifically for our fur
  • Dog shampoo and conditioner for our beautiful long coats
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste made for dogs for healthy teeth that sparkle
  • Squishy beds
  • Collars, leads and harnesses (preferably with bling)
  • Toys, toys, toys, toys, toys!

Then we need some of the following, if not all:

  • Dresses and coats
  • Hats and scarves
  • Shades
  • Fur clips in assorted colours
  • Bandannas to accessorise any outfit
  • Night time wear
  • Tzukinis for the pool
  • Bags and tzus 

Always follow my golden tzu rule...if you haven't turned a head or two by the time you get to the gate....go home and change!

Keep up a healthy exercise regime:

  • Walk every day
  • Run zoomies at least once a day
  • Drink fresh water
  • Play with your humans, it's good for them too
  • Make sure you shake those toys - they love it
  • Always look stylish when exercising 
  • A nice bath at home in top-of-the-range dog shampoo and conditioner is a lovely bonding experience with your humans.  It should include a massage, blow dry and refreshments as a minimum.

No matter how much you sleep, keep that fur looking great:

  • Make sure your human brushes you every day
  • Clean those ears out, wipe those eyes, brush them pearly teeth and keep claws short and neat
  • Pay special attention to your plume - it's a Tzu's pride and glory
  • Sparkle those eyes for extra healthy treats
  • Wipe your mouth on the carpet after every meal to make sure it is food free
  • Ladies and gents should keep their beards trimmed - an appointment at the FurStylist should be made about once a month.
  • For a proper health check, an annual visit to the vet for a once over and your boosters is essential.  In some countries it is a legal requirement of owning a dog.
  • Take those worm tablets boys and girls and the flea treatment too!

A healthy tzu is a happy tzu - keep up the regime for a long and happy life!

Don't shy away from sharing the beauty of Shih Tzu - swish that tail...because you're worth it!

"I see you Maisie...shaking that plume....shaking that plume..."