Book 4 Chapter 1

Chapter 1
London, Spring 2019
“Fifteen minutes Mr Colin Shih Tzu. You too Mr Furness!”
The floor manager chuckled as she ran away from the dressing room door and back to the studio. This was a happy work place and they were comfortable with a little good-natured mickey-taking.
With his jaw dropping for comic effect, Jack ‘Dads’ Furness looked at Colin through the mirror where they both sat preparing for their show. Popsy, Colin’s other dad, spluttered from the sofa and hid behind his tablet.
“Did you both hear that?” he gasped, dramatically. “I am nothing but a side act to you now ‘Mr’ Colin...a warm up; the straight man; a stooge”.
Colin sniggered in to his paw. He loved their dramatic banter and the trio had brought it in to the studio from their Notting Hill home.
He studied his reflection in the illuminated mirror. His dark and fulsome beard was brushed smooth and shiny, his ears were rocking adorable and his plume was fluffed at maximum. He looked a bit closer and noticed some furs out of place around his eyes. Dads noticed too.
“Here, let me help you,” he smiled as he took a soft brush and ran it through his little dog’s fur, smoothing it with his soft, manicured but manly hands. Jack was handsome, star of stage and TV and loved throughout the showbiz world. Recently, his star had shone even brighter when he appeared in a reality show that saw ten celebrities trying to survive in medieval England. Jack had emerged as the winner, crowned as King of the fictitious village and all medieval England, despite being Australian. It had paid dividends too, with a teatime TV show offered to him as a consequence.
Popsy joined them and secured Colin’s blue diamanté collar around his neck.
“My handsome boys!” he smiled as he looked at them both with pride.

‘The Jack Furness Show’ had quickly become a hit, not only because he was the consummate professional but also thanks to Colin sat on his own cushion, next to his celebrity parent, on a purple chaise lounge. Originally, Colin had his own segment on the show, ‘Off the Leash with Colin the Tzu’ but now, with the second series the entire Friday show was to be hosted by him, with Jack playing second fiddle and subtitles on screen to translate his woofs. It was a tzu-takeover and a massive hit - the ratings were off the scale!
“Ten minutes Mr Colin. You too Mr Fur....”
“OH FUNNY FUNNY!” shouted Jack as they emerged from the dressing room and headed for the studio together, shaking his head as his young colleague, Cathy, ran off ahead, full of mirth.