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  1. A sneak preview of something new in book four!




    Colin has been an important character since Book One. He is a welcomer now but he was a rescuer, until he was injured rescuing puppy Paddy (not that Paddy knows this). He is one of the first tzus Stanley meets on his first night and he realises that Colin's injury continues to weigh heavily on King Bailey's mind. We find out why in Book Three.

    Despite what happened, Colin is happy in his job and loves Tzu Kingdom! We also know that he lives with his two dads in Notting Hill amongst the 'hoi polloi'. As the story unfolds, we find out more about his famous parents. This stood him in good stead for his role as judge in Book Two when a new lead singer for Tzu Aroo was sought. He showed his stylish flair with his top hat, cape and cane!

    In Book Four, we are hurled in to the world of celebrity with our pint-sized pup and his family, with our fur taking centre stage. If you remember Buster, Paul O'Grady's shih tzu cross, then you might see where the inspiration for this part of the book came from! Colin himself is not based on a real tzu, he is a tzu created entirely for the book series.




    As the launch of Book Four nears, we are delighted to show Colin in a dressing room...but what is he doing there? All will be revealed early in the book!




    In memory of Buster O'Grady (1995-2009)

  2. Fairy doors are all around us, you just need to know how to look for them! Luckily, on our website you can uncover some tips and hints.

    Fairy door with bucket green 

    Of course, the best tzu to tell you about how to find them is senior scout Paddy. He has written his instructions HERE in his very own guide.

    Have you ever wondered how shih tzus were given access to fairy doors? Well, it was down to our first King Leo. Queen Coffee tells the story beautifully HERE.