250 pre-orders will get Tzu Kingdom in the shops!

Karen and Gill were proud to see Tzu Kingdom listed as one of the books on Britain's Next Bestseller - a revolutionary new way of publishing books that lets the reader decide which books get published.

To get a publishing deal, they need 250 pre-orders by 20 June 2016.  In its first two weeks, our pre-orders were over 175 so this is going to be a popular book....we just need to get over the finishing line!

The book is priced at £6.99 and it can be shipped worldwide.  

As an early supporter of the book, you get your name - or the name of someone special - in the first edition and you get it two weeks before publication.

Visit the site and you will get to read a whole chapter of the book now!

You can order HERE.

UPDATE: We secured a publishing deal after 19 days but we need your help to make it a global success!  Pre-order today so we can publicise the book widely.