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The Christmas Elephant

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Just how did a baby elephant end up in a story about Shih Tzus?

Elephant magic tzusWe first meet this sweet girl in ‘Santa Paws’ Invitation’ whilst Paddy, Stanley and Maisie are on a fun flight with Santa Paws Shay and his elf Binky as they fly over an abandoned zoo. You see, we had both been disturbed for a number of years about the animals that were left behind in places like Damascus and Baghdad zoos. We wanted to highlight the situation so that young readers could learn from this because, after all, as our Shih Tzu saviours said “War? What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.” The recent events in Afghanistan showed how the animals need our help and we hope Vera’s story will help animals in the future. 


Since her rescue, Vera has remained in Santa Paws Land helping ‘Team Christmas’ all year round. We are pleased to see her take a pivotal role in Book Four. Elephants never forget and she certainly has much love for Stanley who saw her and pleaded with Shay to investigate. Thankfully it led to Vera escaping her plight with Stan and Paddy ensuring her passage to safety thanks to a pawful of Christmas magic.

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  1. Lee Fallon

    One of my favorite pics ever - it just captured everything!

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  2. Catherine Armstrong

    So glad Vera will be in Book 4. She's such a delightful surprise in Tzu Kingdom

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