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Starting a new school? Stan can help...

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We've all been there - starting a new school or job and it can be very scary.

Well, Tzu Kingdom is written in a way that could help children overcome a few fears.

Stan with mama n grannySure, he's excited about grabbing Paddy's paw and jumping through the fairy doors but it's also a bit scary.  At this early stage in the story, he only knows Paddy and Queen Coffee and he doesn't really know what's going on.  When Paddy runs off to "Shih Tzu Shuffle" with Feebs, he feels ever so shy and his mind wanders to his Mama and his home life.

We think 99% of people will have felt like this at some time in their lives! 

As we approach the new school year, where everyone is changing class or school, it's a great time to get your copy of Tzu Kingdom and see how Stan overcomes his fears and makes new friends.

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