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Role models for boys and girls in Tzu Kingdom

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Last weekend, the internet went into fury when four-times Olympic Champion Laura Kenny was referred to as the "pregnant wife" of her fellow Gold Medallist husband Jason Kenny.

Laura and Jason Kenny

Rightly so.

Authors Karen and Gill pride themselves on having created characters, many on real dogs of their acquaintance, that will be role models for boys and girls.

This is best demonstrated through the King and Queen of Tzu Kingdom, Bailey and Coffee.

King and Queen cartoon


Santa Bailey

See how in the party image Bailey is pushing Coffee to the front to make a major speech.  You can see from his face that he's proud as punch of his wife and queen!

In the second image, the front cover of Santa Bailey it's the reverse.  Coffee is so proud of Bailey as he prepares to deliver gifts for all the dogs in the world last Christmas Eve, that she's the one bursting with pride!

You see, this is a place that is, was and always will be equal, no matter what.  From Paddy's drama to Phoebe's organised rescues and from Colin's disability to Kiki and Lola's dancing prowess, they all bring something different to the table and celebrate it well.

So, boys and girls will all find a character to relate to in the books and as we go in to book two, there's another wonderful role model who holds a big secret...


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  1. Trish & Tricky

    I remember going to the Pantomime as a child & loving it. I love it now I'm grown up too - reason being it appeals to all ages & the meaning can be understood on different levels. Tzu Kingdom is like that.... Timeless.

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  2. Deborah Hoyt

    FANTASTIC!!! Great for children of all ages CAN NOT WAIT THIS IS A MUST GET!!!

    Posted on

  3. Shaz and Millie

    Such a great message to get across and in such a lovely way. You can't fail to love the adventures they all have together. I'm so excited for book two and every tale after that too.

    Posted on

  4. Mac & Alex

    Can't wait for the new book ans important to know from early age everyone is equal whether human or fur xx

    Posted on

  5. Paddy n Mitch

    Great message to send to kids and adults too

    Posted on

  6. Dan and Moby

    Fabulous! So important that children learn early on that all talents, abilities, genders, able bodies, disabled bodies are all equally valuable. Can't wait to find out about the new character and their secret!

    Posted on

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