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Things that go BUMP in the night!

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Last week Stan's mama was staying overnight in Birmingham. She had a busy day full of business meetings and went out for dinner with a friend in the evening. The hotel she was staying was lovely and Stan's mama had a very nice suite that had 2 levels. The bathroom was upstairs - how posh! 

In the middle of the night Stan's mama woke up and needed to go to the bathroom. When she was in there all of a sudden she heard a scratching at the door - at first she thought it was Stanley but then she realised she was not actually at home. The next thing was that the door blew wide open! Stan's mama was a little bit scared and ran back to bed. She was very cold and snuggled under the blankets and thankfully fell asleep again quickly. 

The next day whe she was checking out of the hotel she asked the lady at the reception if the hotel had any ghosts. Yes, said the lady, there had been many reports and the room Stan's mama was in was particulary haunted. 

Stan's mama wasn't scared, in fact she was really proud by the fact she had this encounter with the friendly ghost. When she got home she told Stanley all about it. Stan was excited too and he phoned his BFF Bailey that very night to tell him all about it. They had a discussion about having a friendly ghost character in the next Tzu Kingdom book. We can't wait to start writing it! 



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  1. bentley boo

    finkz me needz to be brave az a lion whilez hidingz underz diz bed!!!

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  2. Mac BT

    Eeek!! ?

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  3. Bumbley

    Hi der...I luffs this scary story! Is it in da book??? ??

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