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Binky's Tzu Kingdom

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We were blown away when Binky sent us in pictures of his very own Tzu Kingdom display. Binky lives in San Jose with his Mom, who helped him with the more intricate details of the build. 

binky main

A close up of the entrance...

binky 1

The Fairy Pond with named stepping stones showing some of the visitors to Tzu Kingdom.

binky 2

The Tzu Bakery drop off point...

binky 3

Huge thank you to Binky and his Mom for this wonderful creation! 

bink 4

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  1. Tricky

    When I saw what Binky made,it made me so happy! That's what Tzu Kingdom does, it makes u happy!

    Posted on

  2. Bricktop

    Binky u so clevfur! I luvs dis! I be poppin froo ta visit u!

    Posted on

  3. bentley

    diz iz jus amazin binky n binky mom! luffz it!

    Posted on

  4. Mac BT

    This is just da bestest and I got my own rock too which I iz so touched about. Loves you Binky pal. You and Mum just fabby x?

    Posted on

  5. Binky

    Dis was da bestest project mom n I haf ever put together! I encourage everyone to try it! Super fun n easy!! (I'm available fur consulting jobs) teeheeee!!! Tzu Kingdom #1??????

    Posted on

  6. Samurai Jones

    This is amazing I really dont have words for how awesome this is. Two paws up for Binky and Mom.

    Posted on

  7. Cricket

    Dis my Binky! He iz da bestest boyfriend! I luffs him so!

    Posted on

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