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This morning Stan’s mama was very excited as she had a meeting arranged with Tony Bibby, author and creator of Teacup Travels. She was keen to meet Tony and to hear his creative journey - which has gone from some scribbles in a notebook to a TV series on the BBC.

The concept for the stories are based on true life – Tony’s great-aunt Lizzie used to tell Tony and his sister tales from her travels when he was a young boy. In the series when her visitors (Charlotte & Elliot) arrive at great-aunt Lizzie’s house, she offers them a cup of tea. Depending on what special cup they choose from her vast collection, makes for a different story and adventure each time. Each cup has a different illustration on it – a museum artefact from either Egypt, Celtic Britain, China or Italy. As the story unfolds you go on a history lesson – but a FUN one!

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Both Tony and Stan’s mama had lots in common, especially their love of notebooks and pencils. It was great to hear such an inspiring story and Stan’s mama Gill got an insight into how something can move from a piece of written work to the TV screen. The series is filmed on location in the Victorian Gardener’s Cottage which is in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh. Stanley has walked passed there many a time. Next time Stan is there he will get his mama to take a photo.

tea cup house

Stan is now dreaming of Tzu Kingdom TV… 

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