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Edinburgh Book Launch

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Today was the launch of the book in Edinburgh and Stanley was the star of the show!  He arrived at the 6VT Cafe a bit nervous but excited and soon got into his stride when he realised that the TV cameras were for him....of course!

stan arriving at 6VT

Stan the TV star

Also, he had Granny there to keep him company - she's in the book - so he was keen to show her how brave he was...brave as a lion in fact!

Stan with mama n granny

He couldn't believe it though - the place was full of people wanting to hear about Tzu Kingdom and all his friends!

full house for Edinburgh book launch


Just when he didn't think it could get any better the children started giving him cuddles and one of them had even made him a special card!

Stan with little boy and card

Everyone wanted to be like Stan and a lady had come along to paint Tzu faces on anyone who wanted them!

stan with little girl

Daddy (the Tzufather) got in on the act and he held Stanley up for photos too.

stan with tzu father n little girl

He started to feel ever so important, but of course he has his paw on the floor and he remembered to thank everyone for coming and tidy away any stray snacks that had fallen on the floor before leaving.

Stan with bad ready for guest appearance

When he got home, he unpacked his bag with Mama and settled down for an afternoon snooze.

It had been the most exciting day - almost as much fun as Tzu Kingdom itself!

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